Please take this survey to give us your views on how you find the website, tell us if you like the look and feel of the site, if the information contained is useful and fairly easy to find, and share with us any ideas you have for changes to the website to improve the experience for future visitors, your opinions are highly valued and useful and we appreciate your time in doing the survey – thank you.

This survey should not take long for you to complete as there are less than 10 questions in total with most of them multiple choice.  Please note that we do not collect any personal information in this survey and that the survey is totally anonymous.  Once the survey is complete we will publish a summary of the results to the SGC website.

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Thanks once again for taking the time to take this survey.


Summary of Feedback – 28th August 2016

It is fair to say that the results of the survey have clearly showed respondents are happy with the look and feel of the SGC Website.  In general, finding it fairly appealing and useful when they visit it.  The majority of respondents were happy with the type of content being shown, how straightforward it was to find, understand and trust.  Some felt the narrative is a bit long in some places and that the homepage is slightly too complicated.  These are issues that will be looked at and adjusted as necessary, as will the much appreciated individual comments, suggesting new ideas for the site.

If you took part in the survey, thank you for participating, and should you still wish to give your views then you can still do so.  The survey will stay open and we will update the feedback regularly.