What is the 200-Club at Skelmorlie Golf Club

Q. What is the 200-Club at Skelmorlie Golf Club ?

A. It is a Monthly Prize draw for all members, their friends and family where each month a drawn ticket will result in a cash prize of £50 being paid out to the lucky winner, except in December when the prize is double the usual amount at £100. Tickets are restricted to 200 numbers, hence the name of the draw.

Support for this Fundraiser helps the Club to fund various activities / projects.


Thank you for deciding to join the Skelmorlie Golf Club 200-Club Fundraiser.

This year the 200-Club will revert to being just £12 for the year (£1 a month) to recognise that many members are also participating in the Joker weekly draw.

The monthly 200-Club prize will be £50 with the exception of December when the Christmas draw will be for £100.

To renew your existing number or to take out a new number,  please complete your details in the form below and arrange to make payment as per your indication in the form.

Non-members can also join the 200-Club by completing the form so if you have a family member or friend who you think might be Interested in taking part please send them the link or fill in the form on their behalf.