Hole 7 - Rest and by Thankful - Par 3

” This hole was named in memory of Roy Baillie, a very popular and cheerful former member of the Club. “

This hole is a stunning par 3 looking out on an impressive scene of sea, islands and mountains.  The tee shot is played to a flat and reasonably large green below the tee and well beyond a quarry.  The hole is nicely framed by trees and its left and right bunkers and has a generous landing area in front of the green for those tee shots that do not quite reach.   As you are playing from a tee that is well above the level of the green, the ball comes down from a greater height than normal and therefore balls don’t tend to run so far when they land.

Also, because the ball spends longer in the air it is more likely to be affected by the wind on this hole.  It may be of interest to note that this hole has three bunkers (one short right as well as one either side of the green) which is more than any other hole on the course.

Pro’s Tip

A lovely downhill par 3 that is right in front of you.  Avoid going long or short siding your ball is worth mentioning on this particular hole.

Graham Ross  Golf Professional