Hole 2 - The Cobbler - Par 4

” Looking directly north on a clear day you can see ‘The Cobbler’ and the ‘Arrochar Alps. “

The 2nd hole provides an early challenge in your round as it is a long hole played uphill.  The tee shot will need to carry a rise at about 200 yards, and hold the sloping fairway if you want to be in good position to get your second shot on or close to the green.  A layup towards the bottom of the slope heading up to the green is a common choice for this hole.

It is said that James Braid was one of the first course architects to use dog legged holes in his designs. Braid clearly wanted this hole to test players’ strategy (or ‘course management’) and as this hole dog legs to the right and presents players with a challenging upslope on the approach to the green, there should be plenty to think about here for any player, regardless of ability.

Pro’s Tip

Aim down the right side of the fairway to negate the side slope with the tee shot. You will normally have a side hill stance for your 2nd shot, so aiming again a little to the right with one more club than the yardage would suggest would be good thinking here. When playing the tee shot on this hole, take note of the flag position on the 4th green.

Graham Ross  Golf Professional