Hole 17 - The Sleeping Warrior - Par 4

” Offers a clear view of the highest summit on Arran, Goatfell and the well-known sleeping warrior outline. “

Heather all the way up the left and some mixed rough up the right, the fairway is generous but right sloping.

Often tee shots end up right of this fairway in longer grass.  Approach shots also generally feed left to right unless carried right onto the green.  A deep bunker protects the front right of the green.

Pro’s Tip

Aim down the left side of the fairway to negate the side slope with the tee shot. You will normally have a ball below your feet with your 2nd shot, so given that and the natural slope, aim toward the left edge of the green regardless of the pin position. The cross mounds in the fairway foreshorten the distance making the approach shot play a little longer than it appears.

Graham Ross  Golf Professional