Hole 12 - Nannies Content - Par 4

” This hole is named after the small farm that once existed behind this green. “

A long run of rough frames this fairway closely on both sides all the way to the green, and an upslope prevents a view of the green from the tee.  There is however, a lot more space to land your tee shot than it would seem when viewed from the back tee.   This green is narrow and very long but unprotected for the approach shot.

It is important to get the correct clubbing for the approach shot to this green.  A ball landing at the front edge when the flag is at the back of the green, or vice versa, can leave a player with a challenge to avoid three putting.

Pro’s Tip

An accurate tee shot with your preferred club is required on this par 4, leaving you an approach shot that can vary up to 3 clubs depending on the pin position, as the green is deep in length.

Graham Ross  Golf Professional