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New Members to the Club will get a Free 1 Hour Lesson with Local Teaching Professional Graham Ross

Skelmorlie Golf Club Membership Options for the Season 2018

2018 Membership Fees.

The membership of Skelmorlie Golf Club runs from the 1st February to the 31st January, with the actual official golfing season starting on the 1st March and running until the end of October.  However, the  course is open all year round weather permitting and competitions are available during the off season.

Membership Type Description Cost
Ordinary Full Adult Ordinary. £550
Senior Age 76 and Above. £450
Twenties 2 Age 26 to 30. £450
Twenties 1 Age 21 to 25. £269
Intermediate Age 18 to 20. £205
Junior Age Under 18. £50
Student FT Education £269
Country Resident More than 30 Miles from SGC. £319
Social Use of the Clubhouse and Social Events. £10

Please note that if you would prefer not to pay the membership fee in full , then you can take advantage of credit options to spread the payments over a period of time – please contact our club secretary for further details.

SGC is a long established golf club with no joining fee, where you can meet other golfers, play unlimited golf on a great course virtually all year round, get and maintain a golf handicap and join us in the appropriate men’s, ladies and junior competitions the club runs.

Looking at this website will hopefully give you a good idea of the kind of club we are, and what we can offer, both on and off the golf course.

If you decide to apply for a membership at the club you can use the online form link below to make an application.

New Member


Membership Payments

Renewal and new memberships can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or credit card at the clubhouse.  Alternatively by postal cheque to the Club Secretary – please make your cheque payable to Skelmorlie Golf Club.

Please be aware that Fairway Credit set a default quote value of £1,000 please ignore that amount and adjust it to the value for the membership category you are considering.

Monthly Debit Systems are available to all members, new and existing.  These types of schemes allows club members to pay their fees in monthly instalments.   The club secretary can advise further on this type of option if you are considering paying this way.

If you would like to join the club as a new member then either please telephone or email the club secretary at the clubhouse, use our online membership application form or just call at the club house during our opening hours. 






Short on Time Play Nine !

9 Hole Golf – New Handicap Valid Competition Format

Skelmorlie Golf Club now offers, Scottish Golf  approved 9 Hole Medals’ with something to offer golfers of all standards in a shorter timescale. Two 9 hole courses have been rated by the SG and are ideal for obtaining and maintaining a handicap. This handicap can be used in Skelmorlie’s 18-hole stroke play competitions and those at other courses.  The intention is to play these competitions on a Sunday and mid-week on a Wednesday.

The format is a Stableford Points system. One course will be over 9 holes from the yellow tees. This is set up over 9 of the flattest holes on the course and is ideal for beginners, those who wish some gentle exercise in the open air with a purpose and those wishing to build up some confidence before moving up a level.

The second 9 holes are set up over the white medal tees and are slightly more challenging. Ideal for those who have played before and would like to come back to golf and those of you who are short on time due to other commitments, but wish to play competition golf and maintain or get a handicap.

This is golf offered in a new less time consuming format, yet keeping alive the cut and thrust of medal play in a handicap competition. Come join us at Skelmorlie Golf Club in this new and exciting approach to handicap golf. 


Everyone is Welcome at Skelmorlie Golf Club...

Some of the benefits of being a member at Skelmorlie Golf Club is that all members can enjoy being part of a friendly club. In other words, a place that focuses on the membership and what they want from golf.

This club is managed by a small committee of elected and dedicated members who ensure that the memberships interests are served in the most effective manner, with an AGM being held every year and the opportunity for any member to fully participate in the running of the club if they so wish.

It’s always nice to feel you’re part of a club, with new members often mentioning how they are made to feel very welcome when they first arrive.   This is also a club where everyone enjoys equal rights – both ladies and men, and of course including the views of the junior section.  So regardless of your current skill level at golf, from complete novice through to scratch level or better, you will always be very welcome at Skelmorlie Golf Club.

The club enjoys a very full competition calendar with many major golfing events and knock-outs proving popular with most members and with the course draining exceptionally well, it is rarely ever closed and trolleys can nearly always be used.  Indeed the course is usually open for play throughout the year on its summer greens, it is very common to find us still open and playable when others in the area have had to close because of bad weather conditions.

As a new member you can of course play for a handicap, if you do not already have one, and can then if you wish join with other members in playing the competitions.  It is very unusual for a club member to turn up, either during the day or in the summer evenings and to not be able to literally park and play, as and when they wish, especially outside competition periods.  The design of the course allows if quiet, for members to play short loops of holes rather then the full 18 holes, an option that often proves very popular.  As a member of the club you can and are encouraged to bring visitors to the club to enjoy a round of golf and a visit to the bar, indeed you will receive a number of substantial green fee guest reductions for that purpose.

The club also runs various social events both for the enjoyment of the members and to fund-raise for the club, these events are very popular and are a great way to meet lots of other club members.  All upcoming events will be well publicised on this website or on the Club’s Facebook site, with lots of relevant information well before they are due to take place.

Golfball Next to a Hole

We hope the attractive membership plans we offer will encourage you to come and join the club if your not already a member.  If you are a member, then thank you for continuing your membership.

Finally, we have a wonderful golf course for you to enjoy, and even if your game is a bit off, we would be very surprised if you did not at least enjoy the healthy exercise and the view, given the rather spectacular scenery.

In 2016 Skelmorlie Golf Club Celebrated 125 Years.

Sunset Image of Clubhouse with 125th Anniversary Year