Local Rules

 Skelmorlie Golf Course Local Rules


1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27)
a) Beyond any fence, line of white posts or white lines bounding the course.
b) To the right of fence along the 15th fairway.
c) To the right of 12th fairway – white stakes.
d) The Medal tee area at the 16th hole defined by fence & boundary wall is in bounds when playing the 16th hole only.

2. Integral Part of Course.  The wall in front of the 14th Green, all teeing grounds, the clubhouse, all boundary fences, boundary markers & boundary walls. Ball to be played as it lies or declared unplayable (Rule 28).

3. Immoveable Obstructions (Rule 24)  All shelters, roads, paths, benches (secured or not), winter tee boxes, distance markers, hazard stakes, stiles & steps are immoveable obstructions & relief from interference may be taken in accordance with Rule 24-2b. The wooden shoring on the 7th green, the cairn on the 12th fairway & the clubhouse flagpole are also immoveable obstructions.
Note that all ground (including paths & bridges) within the margins of a hazard, is considered to be part of the hazard & any relief taken will incur a penalty (Rule 26).

4. Stones in bunkers (Rule 24)  Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions.

5. Protection of young trees (Rule 24)
a) Young trees, less than club length in height, staked trees & trees protected by grow tubes are immoveable obstructions, Rule 24-2b.
c) Other than above, a ball lying beside any tree shall be played as it lies or declared unplayable (Rule 28).

6. Ground under repair (Rule 25)  Except when GUR is in a Hazard, play prohibited for all balls lying in GUR. Free lift & drop within one club length not nearer the hole.
a) All seeded ground with the exception of seeded divots where free relief is not permitted.
b) Outcrops of rock on the fairway.
c) Open ditches filled with stones/gravel.
d) Areas indicated as GUR with white lines or notices.
e) Ball lying within GUR in a hazard may be played as it lies/declared unplayable (Rule 28).

7. Water Hazards (Rule 26) including burns & ditches
a) Lateral water hazards indicated by red stakes.
b) Water hazards indicated by yellow stakes.
c) All other burns and ditches are water hazards whether staked or not.

8. Aeration Holes Through the green, a ball that comes to rest in/on an aeration hole may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it first lay but not nearer the hole. The dropped ball must finish through the green. On the green, a ball that comes to rest in/on an aeration hole may be placed at the nearest spot not nearer the hole that avoids the situation.

9. Preferred Lies (when in operation) A ball lying on a closely mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty & cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, he must place it on a spot within six inches and not nearer the hole of where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard & not on the green. A player may move/place his ball only ONCE, and it is in play when it has been placed (Rule 20-4).

10. Distance Measuring Devices.  For all play at this course, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  See match board for full details.





Penalty for breach of local rule: Two strokes