Skelmorlie Golf Club

Wee Trophy Winners 2016

SGC wins the Firth of Clyde Wee Trophy 2016

Held at Largs Golf club on Saturday 20th Aug 2016 in the Clubs 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Club.
Eight clubs from around the Firth of Clyde entered the annual competition for the Firth of Clyde Wee Trophy which has been held since 1992.

The winning club was Skelmorlie with three best scores of 241, Messrs., J McDermott (76), G Doctor (82), M Dorrian (83), T Gibson (88) and A Cushnaghan (93).

Well Done Guys – a Great Result.

The gents section at Skelmorlie provides a competitive but fun element to the golfing competition available at the club all year round.  You will certainly be made most welcome to come along and join in with the wide range of competitions on offer, from Saturday morning medals, to season long match play competitions among the many different choices on offer.

The club also enters teams into the local leagues and if your game is suitable and your keen, then the team captains will be glad to hear from you.

Skelmorlie golf club representative teams have had some great results in previous years, including a terrific double win in 2014 when the teams won the local area – ‘Big Trophy’ and ‘Wee Trophy’ events (see images on the right), and again winning the wee trophy in 2016.

You will certainly find that competition golf at Skelmorlie played to or better than your personal handicap, will reflect a handicap rating that will stand up well when playing at any other courses.  As a more traditional style of Scottish golf, where although the course is short by modern standards and bunkering is limited, the test of golfing skill and course management here at Skelmorlie is still very challenging and will provide a great sense of personal satisfaction when you play well, a fact often commented on by visiting golfers who often leave the course rather surprised by the standard of the golfing experience they have just enjoyed.

How much can a golf ball be compressed ?

Golf Ball hitting steel at 150 mph.  Filmed at 70,000 fps

Whether you are a golfer or not, this is pretty amazing.

No one has a swing speed of 150 mph yet, including Tiger Woods who is just under 130 mph. Most people have no idea the golf ball can compress this much.

But first a little history:

1 – The Pro V-1 golf ball by Titleist is actually a three part ball, but you have to have a club head speed of at least 100 mph or more to be able to compress all three stages. If you don’t, the ball never fully compresses and you don’t get the distance out of it that the pro’s do.

2 – Most club golfers will get more distance out of a ball that only has two stages of compression, like the Titleist NX Tour. It is more suited to our swing speed and we can compress it upon impact and can hit it further than the Pro V-1 ball.

3 – So the secret is not to buy the most expensive balls out there because we are actually decreasing the distance we can hit the ball, unless your club head speed is over 100 mph.  Watch this video, this shows what a golf ball goes through when hit by steel travelling at 150 mph, it’s amazing to me how long these balls last. Maybe that’s why the Pros use new balls every time they play.

Remember, it’s 70,000 frames per second.