Members of Skelmorlie Golf Club

Please note that member details including emails are not shared online or offline by Skelmorlie Golf Club or officials of the club, either with 3rd parties or indeed other members of Skelmorlie Golf Club.  Unless it is done as part of providing additional member services to a particular member, for instance Fairway Credit.  All emails when sent to members of the golf club from SGC are individual to the recipients and do not disclose email addresses or other personal details of any other members.

Personal membership details are held within the membership and handicapping software, and are used only to process administrative tasks within the club.  This information is kept securely in the Clubhouse office and on the office computers.  Access to the office files and the computers is confidential, restricted and therefore limited to just those in official positions responsible for the administration or management of such data.

Basic member contact details – such as name, address, telephone number and email is kept in a club directory in the clubhouse to facilitate contact between members to arrange golfing ties and other similar activities.  Should a member not wish to have their details available then they should notify the club secretary of their requirement.

As part of the competition reporting service, SGC members taking part in official competitions will have their names and handicaps, along with their competition results shown in the lobby of the club and also online with the MasterScoreboard service.  Should a member not want their name shown on the online results, this can be requested, and an adjustment made for them individually.

Should anyone have any queries about the confidentiality or security of their information, they should raise this with the club secretary initially.