Gents, Ladies and Senior Championship 2018


Gents Champion – Paul Mangan

Runner Up John Brydon

Ladies Champion – Alex Sargent

Runner Up – Kath McKellar

Senior Champion  – Bill McLaren

Runner Up – Andy Picket

Junior Champion – Not Played For.

Runner Up – Not Played For.


(Junior championship not played due to lack of junior members with 18 hole handicaps)


Championship Events

Sponsored by Mr Jimmy McKellar & Reid McKellar

Year Club Champion Senior Champion Ladies Champion Junior Champion
2018 P.Mangan W.E.McLaren Miss A.Sargent (Not Played)
2017 R.McGinn John Burrows Miss A.Sargent Alastair McNeill
2016 J.R Anderson J Rush Miss A.Sargent Logan Storie
2015 S. Riddell M.Doull Mrs J.Harkness G Pollock
2014 J.R Anderson A.Pickett Miss A.Sargent G Pollock
2013 S.Riddell T.Mangan Mrs K.MacKellar T Parker
2012 S.Riddell W.E.McLaren Mrs K.MacKellar A Bell
2011 S.Winsor J.Hunter Miss A.Sargent I Riddell
2010 R.MacKenzie W.E.McLaren Miss A.Sargent M Canning
2009 P.Mangan J.Hunter Mrs J.Harkness K Young
2008 S.Riddell J.Hunter Mrs A.Donaldson I Rodger
2007 J.Brydon T.Campbell Mrs K.MacKellar I Rodger
2006 S.Riddell F.Kerr Mrs K.MacKellar S Grant
2005 J.Brydon J.Kelly Mrs K.MacKellar P Robinson
2004 S.Riddell T.Campbell Mrs K.MacKellar P Robinson
2003 J.Brydon Mrs A.Donaldson P Robinson
2002 J.Brydon Miss C.Campbell R Mackenzie
2001 J.Brydon Mrs A.Donaldson J Anderson
2000 J. O'Donnell Mrs K.Mackellar R McKenzie
1999 J. O'Donnell Mrs K.Mackellar N Mayan
1998 P.Mangan Mrs J.Harkness G Elliot
1997 L.J.Grant Mrs J.Harkness A Neill
1996 J. Brydon Miss C.Campbell P Doherty
1995 J. Brydon Mrs J. Harkness R McGinn
1994 R.McGinn Mrs A.Donaldson R McGinn
1993 D.I.Cameron Mrs A.Donaldson D Brydon
1992 J.T.McCreadie Mrs A.A.Wallace C Bell
1991 J.O'Donnell Mrs A.Donaldson J Brydon
1990 J.T.McCreadie Mrs A.A.Wallace J Brydon
1989 J.F.Paton Mrs A.Donaldson S McIntyre
1988 S.McIntyre Mrs A.L.K.Gibson J McCreadie
1987 J.F.Paton Mrs J.Glancy B Williams
1986 A.M.Napier Mrs R.M.McCrone I Anderson
1985 A.M.Napier Mrs A.A.Wallace S Darrah
1984 A.M.Napier Mrs A.A.Wallace B Williams
1983 A.M.Napier Mrs A.A.Wallace A Blackwood Jnr
1982 I.Watson Mrs A.A.Wallace R Martin
1981 J.F.Paton Mrs A.J.Durrant H Logue
1980 G.Barr Mrs A.A.Wallace D Logue
1979 K.Morton Mrs A.A.Wallace P Davidson
1978 J.F.Paton Mrs A.J.Durrant G Rodger
1977 K.Morton Mrs A.J.Durrant P Davidson
1976 G.Barr Mrs A.J.Durrant P McMorran
1975 J.F.Paton Mrs A.J.Durrant N Smith
1974 J.F.Paton Mrs W.Howie
1973 J.F.Paton Mrs W.Howie
1972 K.A.McLernan Mrs A.J.Durrant
1971 G.A.Sheridan Mrs J.Barnfeather
1970 P.Travers Mrs A.M.Reid
1969 J.F.Paton Mrs A.M.Reid
1968 P.Travers Mrs A.Hamilton
1967 M.Travers Mrs I.Kemp
1966 P.Travers Mrs M.D.Fletcher
1965 M.Travers Mrs M.D.Fletcher
1964 M.Travers Mrs C.Wylie
1963 M.Travers Mrs C.Wylie
1962 M.Travers Mrs C.Wylie
1961 P.Travers Mrs W.Smart
1960 P.Travers Mrs W.Smart
1959 J.R.Christie Mrs W.Smart
1958 J.R.Christie Mrs W.Smart
1957 D.McKellican Mrs W.Smart
1956 A.W.Whyte Mrs W.Smart
1955 J.R.Christie Mrs W.Smart
1954 I.Kemp Mrs W.Smart
1953 J.R.Christie Mrs I.Kemp
1952 J.W.Dunn Mrs I.Kemp
1951 A.Hamilton Mrs A.Hamilton
1950 J.Hamilton Mrs I.Ke
1949 I.Kemp
1948 J.Hamilton
1947 A.Hamilton

Anyone with information regarding champions prior to 1947 or any other blank records should notify the club or match secretary at the golf club.